At Accountable Radiology Advisors, we recognize that every client has its own unique intentions and desired outcomes, so we tailor our solutions accordingly. However, our process does have a number of steps that make it easier for us to take our clients from their intentions to their ultimate goals, including:


UNDERSTANDING current levels of performance


how results compare to other high performers in the industry


prioritizing opportunities for improvement


the resources to accomplish the intended changes

While each client's needs are unique, some of the projects and work we undertake is repeatable. To help our clients reach consistent levels of performance in the most effective manner possible, we have created a series of proprietary solutions to the needs most commonly identified by our clients:

ARA RadRisk™ Quality & Safety Audit
Identifies potential weaknesses in the quality or safety of the radiology service, reducing liability and increasing the organization’s success under risk-based payment models.

Virtual Quality & Risk Management Directorship
Designed to be implemented after the RadRisk™ Quality & Safety Audit, the ARA Virtual Directorship is a retained leadership service customized to meet the specific performance improvement goals of the organization.

 Imaging Service Line Planning and Launch
Assesses health system opportunities to promote clinical standardization and physician alignment in imaging through the development of a new operating plan and application of IT solutions. 

Professional Services Contract Negotiation
Develop the strategic approach, identify performance-based terms, and resolve disputes when renewing or implementing a new radiology contract, increasing hospital-physician alignment and service line quality.