To make any business better, you have to know it... inside and out. 

The idea to provide radiologists and hospitals with the knowledge, tools, and tactics necessary to become accountable leaders in their fields didn’t come to Teri Yates overnight. It was, instead, the result of more than 29 years of experience in healthcare—18 of them spent in radiology, including senior management positions in IDTF, hospital radiology, and physician practice spaces. As the former Chief Quality & Risk Officer for Radisphere National Radiology Group, a 150+ radiologist practice, Teri spent several years working with hospitals and radiologists to achieve radiology care that is faster, safer, and more effective, and quickly became one of the country's leading experts of radiology peer review, CQI, and risk management.

A deep love for problem solving drove Teri to start brainstorming new ways to help the imaging professionals with whom she worked focus on accountability, helping them reduce errors and improve their percentage of accurate diagnoses so that they could positively impact more lives. Her years of expertise, in-depth understanding of the field (and its frustrations), and desire to change radiology for the better led her to form Accountable Radiology Advisors, where she counsels radiologists and hospitals on ways to work together to provide the full range of appropriate imaging care, before and after the point of interpretation.


Senior Consultant

A passion to apply her knowledge in even more diverse healthcare settings led Mary Lou Beaulieu to join ARA. 

With more than 20 years of experience working in hospitals and medical practices, she has developed quality, compliance and risk management programs to make healthcare safer for patients. Prior to launching her career in consulting, Mary Lou held roles as the Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Quality and Risk Management for Radisphere National Radiology Group, and the Chief Compliance and Risk Officer and Director of Human Resources at Northwestern Medical Center in St. Albans, Vermont.