Succeeding in the future of healthcare begins with accountability.

Radiologists are key members of the medical community when it comes to investigating and diagnosing disease, but digital technology has made it easy for these crucial professionals to remain behind the scenes, becoming image interpreters rather than integrated partners in the spectrum of patient care.

Now, with healthcare payment models changing from volume-based to value-based reimbursement, intensifying competition, and higher benchmarks for service, it’s more important than ever that hospitals and radiologists become aligned in their roles, and that radiologists become accountable leaders in their practices, developing new business models that will enable them to remain independent while strengthening their partnerships with and supporting the missions of their hospital clients.

Accountability Radiology Advisors works with hospitals and radiologists to define what quality means in radiology, by emphasizing value over volume, keeping patients at the center of the process, and helping improve the percentage of accurate diagnoses.

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